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 Pajama Pillow


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Raise Minimum Oxygen   Levels Naturaly while  you Sleep off your Back               with      LIFESTYLE CHANGES

Positional Snoring and Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea occur (for most) while sleeping on your back (supine) position. It is recommended and stated on many medical and government sites that with these conditions that you find a way to prevent yourself from assuming the (on the back) supine position.

Our product is sold for treatment of Heavy Snoring.  All treatment including snoring should be under the direction of your Physician.

I was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and put on C-PAP machine. After using it for several months and not being able to tolerate it I researched the symptoms of the condition. It is documented that over one half of sleep apnea sufferers are positional having their symptoms primarily while on their backs. After trying available products I decided that there must be a more comfortable and better way to reliably keep from sleeping on my back. I created the nightshirt and named it SPOUSAL because my wife was the prime reason for seeking treatment.

My 3 in Lab SLEEP STUDIES follow:

Palm Coast Sleep Laboratory

Baseline Sleep Study

CPAP +16 Sleep Study

Pajama Pillow Shirt by itself Sleep Study


Apnea---HypoApnea Night Total




AHI ---------- Below 5 considered Normal amount while sleeping

18.05 /per hour

12.16 /per hour

2.77 /per hour

Minium Oxygen Desat----Above 90% sleeping considered Normal




The shirt was a much better improvement even over C-PAP for me

The way I feel when I wake up and during the day and the comfort of sleeping with it at night will keep me wearing it and inspired me to bring it to others that might also benefit from wearing it by Tom Zohlmann-- Inventor and User 


My husband tells me I do not stop breathing anymore and my snoring has diminished to low or none at all. Carmen Q. - Brandon, Fl

Very comfortable and my wife tells me my snoring stopped and she can now get restful sleep again. Joe S. McKinney, Texas


My husband stopped using his machine and in desperation I purchased your shirt. It wasn’t easy but he agreed to wear it for a week. It’s been 2 months and he is wearing his shirt every night. Thank you. Lynn C. - Los Angeles, Cal.

Since wearing the pillow I wake up rested and can not believe something so simple would have such a profound effect. Like you say I didn’t think I slept on my back at all. John T. - Knoxville, Tenn

I bought your shirt when I had a cold. I began wearing it the next time I had stuffiness and could not use my cpap. Because of my wife and how I feel I know I am getting a better nights sleep now. Jerry G. - Baltimore, Md


Restful Recuperative Sleep - May improve Sleep Study Results

“Obstructive Sleep Apnea-Loud bursts of snoring and snorting while sleeping on your back”. C. Everett Koop MD- Former SURGEON GENERAL OF UNITED STATES

THE NIGHTSHIRT IS FOR USE BY BACK SLEEPERS TO ENCOURAGE SIDE SLEEPING AND LOWER THEIR LEVELS OF LOUD SNORING ONLY. It is not being sold for any other sleep related conditions and all sleep related conditions including snoring advise should be by a licensed doctor. TESTIMONIALS or statements are personal outcomes only and not for evaluation of other users.