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Raise Minimum Oxygen   Levels Naturaly while  you Sleep off your Back               with      LIFESTYLE CHANGES

Positional Snoring and Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea occur (for most) while sleeping on your back (supine) position. It is recommended and stated on many medical and government sites that with these conditions that you find a way to prevent yourself from assuming the (on the back) supine position.

Our product is sold for treatment of Heavy Snoring.  All treatment including snoring should be under the direction of your Physician.

The Pajama Pillow was created by a heavy snorer with moderate apnea to deal with the frustration of him not being able to tolerate the CPAP.

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Following:                                                                                                  SOME REASONS WE CHOSE OUR PRODUCT DESIGN

A medium flexible foam is consistently reliable and easily compressed for traveling. A poly-cotton button down pajama shirt was chosen being easy to put on and take off with the pouch & pillow on the back . A poly-cotton shirt is extremely durable and washable and that is the reason it was chosen.

Under the direction of your physician off the back sleeping may be used as an adjunct treatment which may enable the user to lower CPAP pressures. It may also help in the effectiveness of jaw advancement devices. For some off the back sleep will normalize their sleep patterns.

The following designs were not used as explained below

The option to use a tennis ball on the rear of a t-shirt was not comfortable. The inflatable pouch insert products tested failed repeatedly. A t-shirt is hard to put on and take off with a filled pouch on the back. A t-shirt will not keep its shape.  An Unattached Pillow loses its effectiveness when you move while sleeping.

Our product is sold for treatment of Heavy Snoring only and all treatment including snoring should be under the direction of your doctor

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